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I plan on writing a basic operating system called ZeDOS for the computer. The name ZeDOS comes from the OS I made for my old Z80 system and the 68000 will be ported and expanded from the Z80 version.

ZeDOS is something of a mix between DOS and Unix philosophy, utilizing drive letters (A:/B:/C:/etc.) but still following the "everything is a file" philosophy.

Z: is the "system drive" containing what you would normally associate with devfs and procfs filesystems. For example:
A serial port might be: Z:/dev/ser0
A hard drive might be: Z:/dev/hda

Similarly, you might see:

OS Memory Map (WIP)
0x000000-0x000400 Exception Jump Table
0x000000-0xXXXXXX Kernel Code
0x040000-0xXXXXXX Copy of .data to be copied into RAM
0x050000-0xXXXXXX ROMFS root filesystem
0x400000-0x440000 Kernel .data + dynamic (kmalloc) memory area (256KB)
0x440000-0x480000 Kernel Stack (256KB)