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Motorola 68000 Information
Year of Release: 1979
Address Bus: 24-bit (16MB)
Data Bus: 16-bit (can also access individual 8-bit bytes)
Speed (mHz): 4-25+ (we'll be starting clocked at 6mHz and working up to 10-12 most likely)
Byte Order: Big Endian
Package: DIP or PLCC
Inst. Set Type: CISC
Appx. Cost (Q1 2011): $8-10

The exact manufacturer/part number has not been decided yet, but will be a 68HC000 high speed CMOS version, not an original HMOS or 68EC000. The option to use a 68010 is open as well.


Atmel TS68C000 Datasheet
Motorola MC68000 Family Programmer's Reference Manual